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Hi again all,

I found this link and had originally included it with my last post in this community, but learned afterwards that the blog owner didn't want people to link to their translations so I removed it. I have since asked for and received permission to post it here, so here you go.

Maybe some fans knew this already, but this was new to me: After this original 18 light novels were published, there was a mini-series consisting of 2 light novels released in Japan. The series is titled "Saiunkoku Monogatari Secret Scrolls: Ask My Bones", and it details events which happen AFTER the ending of the original light novels.

Needless to say, if you don't want to know the final ending to the series, don't click the link. After reading volume 2 I personally can't see anything else being released for SaiMono unless it's a spin-off, but that's just my opinion.

Credit for the translation goes to tumblr user theyseemewhalin.

(The link also has translations for volumes 2 and 13 of the original light novels.)


Hi everyone!

It's been a few years since I've posted here, so I thought I would give everyone an update.

Previously I was the person who was running a petition to get Saiunkoku's light novels licensed and published in English. The original petition was shut down due to the site being closed, so I moved it over to and started over. However likely due to a lack of advertising on my part (I've been broke up until a couple of years ago), we were unable to reach our goal of 1,000 signatures within a couple of years and the petition was closed.

In 2015 I started writing for an anime blog called Angry Anime Bitches. A year or two ago, someone from AAB mentioned to me that the company Seven Seas Entertainment runs a monthly reader survey where, at the bottom of the survey, they ask readers to submit up to 2 titles each for manga and light novels they would like to see SSE license and publish in English. The survey link is always posted each month on the upper right corner of SSE's main page, and I humbly ask that anyone reading this who is a Saiunkoku fan go to SSE's website and fill out at least the bottom portion of the survey each month.

Other news relating to Saiunkoku:

  • A member of my Saiunkoku FB group shared that earlier in 2019, a poll on the Japanese website Nejimen showed that Saiunkoku was one of the 10 anime titles that fans wanted to see get a remake! A promotional image celebrating the 15th anniversary of Saiunkoku was also released by Kairi Yura.

That's about all I have to share for now. As an aside, any Saiunkoku fan reading this who uses Facebook is welcome to come look at and join the Saiunkoku Facebook group I've been running. We celebrate our 10 year anniversary in Dec. 2019, and although we're not always super active it's a place for fans to post new information they discover (such as the news about fans wanting a remake of the Saimono anime), share their favourite things about Saimono, or ask questions about the series.

Thanks for your time!  I hope everyone is well.  :)

Shi Ryuuki, Saiunkoku

Volume 18 translation

Hello dear community members!

I am not sure if this community is functional anymore. But in case it is, and in case some of you are STILL interested in the contents of volume 18 (Shian no Gyakuza Part 2) the final volume, then you can check out my blog at I have put up the prologue and will put up Chapter 1 shortly. The other chapters are too long for direct translation (I don't have that much patience), but I shall put up very detailed summaries with some direct translations. I hope it will be easy to follow the story based on the summaries. Just my own humble contribution to this fandom.
ryuuren, saimono

Valentines Day: Fic Exchange!

Hi all!

I'm hosting a Valentines Day Fic Exchange (for Saiunkoku Monogatari) over on the saiunpornium (18+) SaiMono community. You're more than welcome to join us! (You will need to be 18+ to gain access to the community, and then post your 'request' in the comments to the Fic Exchange post).

C'mon over if you'd like to join! ^_^

PM me if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

Updated Petition

Hi everyone,

Some members may recognize me as the person who was posting about a Saiunkoku light novel petition a year or two ago. Now I'm back again to tell you about the new petition. Recently the site that was hosting my original petition was closed down [right as we hit 500 signatures! :(  ] and all users are redirected to where they can re-write their petition.

So, that is what I've done. The new, updated petition is here:

I am again aiming for 1,000 signatures, unless people suggest I aim for a higher goal, but that can always be adjusted as we go.

Tl;dr - New petition asking for the translation and publishing of the Saiunkoku light novels in English has been created. Click the link above to sign it! And if you know any friends or other fellow fans who love the show, I would be so grateful if you could please spread the word.

I also have a group set up on Facebook that is the home base for the petition, but we discuss other things about Saiunkoku too. If you're interested, come visit us here:

Thank you for your time. :)

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hi there! can somebody give me the link where i can find the summaries of book 16 - 18? or at least the spoiler? please~ i'm really curious what happened at the end... :')
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Hi everyone!~
I was reading the manga, and then it stopped at Volume 5, ch 24. Is anyone still updating and translating the rest of it? Or is it done. I really would like to finish the rest! Please let me know. Thank you!