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Translation: Mono Omou Kimi Ni Ai No Te O Part 2 - saiunkoku monogatari [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
saiunkoku monogatari

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Translation: Mono Omou Kimi Ni Ai No Te O Part 2 [Mar. 2nd, 2013|06:01 pm]
saiunkoku monogatari


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Saiunkoku Monogatari Drama CD
Mono Omou Kimi Ni Ai No Te O
Chapter 1 Part 2

Sou-taifu: Dammit! He surprised me…you better not joke about this!
Shou-taishi [laughing]: Serves you right! Basically any man who feels refreshed after training has muscles in his head equivalent to yours.
Sou-taifu: What did you say? In that case, Shou, what happened to your sending a mountain of marriage proposals anonymously? After all, it seems like shujou didn’t look at even a single one.
Shou-taishi: There are many more marriage proposals. Just because he ignored them once doesn’t mean I’m going to give up.
Sou-taifu: You seem to be full of determination. As I would expect, your vengefulness is twice…nah, a hundred times that of ordinary men isn’t it?
Shou-tashi: Hahahaha!


[The sound of frantic footsteps and then Ryuuki tumbles inside a room, panting heavily]

Kouyuu: You’re late! What were you doing, shujou? With a face like you’ve just seen a monster…
Ryuuki: More terrible than a monster…I was attacked by Sou-taifu!
Kouyuu: Huh? Well, I don’t care what excuse you make. Get in your chair and start working right now!
Ryuuki: It was dreadful, I tell you!
[Ryuuki pulls his chair]
Shuuei: You were attacked by Sou-taifu? Thank God you could escape and come here!
Ryuuki: Isn’t that so? There’s no use arguing with him…I barely escaped with my life!
Shuuei: That too so early in the morning…did something happen? It’s as though he was deliberately aiming at the time when he could start the training.
Ryuuki: Really! When I woke up today I got pelted with “only this much” marriage proposals that someone sent anonymously…is today an unlucky day?
Shuuei: Marriage proposals?
Ryuuki: Yeah…this morning alone there was a heap of it. I’ve said so many times that I won’t do a marriage interview.
Shuuei: Still, until shujou takes an Empress such proposals will keep coming.
Ryuuki: I won’t marry anyone other than Shuurei. That’s final.
Shuuei: Yes, yes, isn’t that so? Alas, I don’t know whether to call you earnest or obstinate.
Kouyuu: Move your hand rather than your mouth!
Ryuuki: Ah…I know…alright, let’s start from this part.
Shuuei: You never proceed beyond that.
Kouyuu: You don’t interfere, Shuuei.
Shuuei: Well, in that case let me not anger you and go make some tea. Shujou, would you take some delicious, chrysanthemum flavoured tea?
Ryuuki: Yes, that will be nice.
[Sound of crockery and the rustling of papers]
Ryuuki: O—kay, alright, this part is done. Umm Kouyuu, what’s this? The previous survey~
[There is a knock on the door]
Ryuuki: Go and see, Kouyuu.
[I’m not sure if Ryuuki is asking Kouyuu to get the door (Mite, Kouyuu) or Kouyuu is saying he’ll go and see who’s at the door (Mite koyou). In any case it’s actually Shuuei who opened the door]
Shuuei: Shou-taishi…is it?
Shou-taishi: Ah, the brat from the Ran clan…excellent! Hold this and this.
Shuuei: Huh? Ah…umm…Shou-taishi, what business brings you here?
Shou-taishi: Since I heard that shujou isn’t doing well these days, this old man had no choice but to come here himself. I’ve brought a wonder drug, you see? Oi, have a look at this, Ri-jirou. Won’t you help as well?
Ryuuki: Oi old goat…I mean, Shou-taishi! Don’t make my assistants labour as you please! What’s with this mountain of documents?
Shou-taishi: Look at any one of them, as you please.
[There is a rustling of papers]
Ryuuki: These are… [Draws in his breath sharply] grrrrrr…marriage proposals!
Shuuei: Oh no! All these are…marriage proposals for shujou?
Shou-taishi: Oh yes! That’s so.
Ryuuki: I don’t need them. I won’t do marriage interviews. I won’t take an Empress. How many times have I told you?
Kouyuu: Where among these is the ‘wonder drug’?
Ryuuki: They are a nuisance!
Shou-taishi: Isn’t it known from the past that after being dumped by a woman, a new woman is the miracle cure?
Shuuei: Aha! I see…certainly.
Ryuuki: You don’t agree with him! I wasn’t dumped.
Shou-taishi: O? You really think so?
Ryuuki: I wasn’t du-dumped. I-isn’t that so? I don’t think I was…perhaps…w-was I?
Shou-taishi: Perhaps shujou is the only one who thinks he wasn’t dumped. But do take a look at the marriage proposals and give them a serious consideration. An obstinate man is hated by all.
[Ryuuki starts crying. Shou-taishi walks out with an evil cackle]
Shuuei: Ah, he made a Parthian shot!
[At this Ryuuki bawls louder than ever]
Kouyuu: Shut up! You are the Emperor so don’t cry like a child! So, what should we do with this mountain of documents?
Ryuuki: Hide them all away!
Shuuei: Show a little spirit, shujou. Not all women are like Shuurei-dono.
Ryuuki: There’s no way I’ve been dumped by Shuurei yet. No way! No way, I tell you! None!
Kouyuu: Listen, do your work right now!

[User Picture]From: sayac3p0
2013-03-08 06:40 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating.

Kouyuu is awesome as usual (because he gets to order the emperor around)!
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[User Picture]From: marishaten
2013-03-08 12:48 pm (UTC)
You are most welcome :D

Yup, Kouyuu is hawt...although these days I'm busy falling in love with Morikawa-san's (Shuuei's) voice!
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